Academic System


We will conduct regular seminars and workshops to create a conducive environment at home, to nurture the unique potential of each child. Regular open forums provide a Platform to teachers and parents for a constructive and objective discussion about the progress of the child.

House System

In an Endeavour to develop the competitive environment, the school is having a House System. It creates an environment of competition among the students of their house with the students of the other houses. Every house will try to win and bag the prizes and earn credit for cock house in academics, games, co-curricular and sports. Activities are designed in such a way that it suits to the smallest young kid and higher class students as well.

Progress Report

We will follow a system of continuous assessment where a student’s academic performance will be determined by his/her performance in unit tests and class tests. At the end of each term, full reports will be distributed to the guardian. For promotion, the student’s work throughout the year as well his/her performance in the terminal examination will be taken into account.