Chairman's Desk

Message from Chairman

Dr. Vidhu Bhushan Singh

J S Public School, stands committed to provide value- based quality education of global standards to the students. We all are aware that our country is the land of a very diverse and rich cultural heritage. With the advent of modern science and technology, a sea change has taken place in our society. The need of the hour, is thus, to provide an educational system which amalgamates the aspirations of the present generation without distorting our value system. Needless to stress, the educational system has to keep pace with the change in sociological order with an eye on scientific temper without hampering the spiritual growth.

J S Public School aims to do just that by providing a ‘holistic education for an integrated personality by striking an equilibrium between a modern outlook and traditional values.

It shall be our Endeavour to promote an educational ambience conducive to the growth of a child so that he metamorphoses from a mere physical form to an intellectual individual. The aim is to help students develop physical and spiritual facets of their personality on the right lines.